Dear Fellow Artisan:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Maui Crafts Guild. The Guild is an
artists' cooperative made up of serious crafts-people who live and work on Maui.
Individually we are committed to producing, by hand, work of excellent quality
that is useful in some way.

We have joined together to form a business that is a viable alternative to regular
gift shops, galleries, and craft shows. We own our business and we have been
doing this for over 33 years.

As a partner in our business and an active Exhibiting Member, you will be asked
to do the following:
        (a)  Buy a share in the "Maui Crafts Guild," a Corporation in the State of Hawaii.                               (Currently the cost of a share is $100.00, payable in advance.) This entitles you to one
vote as a Shareholder in the Corporation.
        (b)  Help pay for the store operating expenses by paying a store fee of $250.00
(payable in advance) as well as a commission fee of 20% of the gross sales of your
work sold in the store.
        (c)  Help keep the doors of the store open by taking your turn at working in the
store as sales representative along with all of the other Exhibiting Members. This
means you will need to be prepared to work 8 hours (or two 4-hour shifts) per
Calendar Period.  A Calendar Period equals the same number of days as there are
Exhibiting Members.
       (d)  Commit to 4 hours of committee work that help keep the store running.
       (e)  Attend meetings once a month to help make decisions about how we run            
our business.
       (f) Take part in Guild workdays and projects that help promote or improve the

If you are a serious craftsperson who is ready for the challenge of helping us run
our business we will be very happy to consider your work for our store. View the
document detailing the jurying Guidelines we use to determine whether the work                                               will fit in our store. Please use them to look at your work and see it as we might.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to email our Standards                       Chairperson, Derek Bencomo at mauiwoodartist@aol.com .

Please fill out the attached questionnaire as fully as you can.   Derek will advise you as to                                   when you should drop the questionnaire off (along with examples of your work).   We shall                                    need to see at least five (5) pieces of your work which have been made within the last year.                             Please label these pieces with the retail prices. (If you have several different lines or styles                                  that cannot be represented by only five samples, please include as many as you feel will                                  show the range of your work.)  After your work has been seen and voted on by the Exhibiting                   Members at the General Membership meeting, someone will contact you to let you know                                    the results of the jurying.   If your work is accepted, they will tell you what you will need to                                  do next, and help you make the moves you need to make in order to join us.

Our invitation to you to become a partner in our business will be effective for 60 days
from the day you are notified of our decision.  Please be aware that there is a six-month                    probationary period when you (and we) explore whether we can work with each other.

Mahalo and aloha,