When the Guild began, there were no craft stores on the island. Each individual crafts person produced their craft and sold their products through craft fairs, swap meets, word of mouth and whatever other means seemed to work. Crafts were also sold in Fine Art Galleries, but the artisans found it was hard to make a living that way since the selling price of craft items tended to be less than its fine art counterparts. After awhile, the founding members of the Guild noticed they would see the same faces selling their wares at the craft fairs around the island. After meeting and discussing their plight, the craft people of Maui joined together and founded the Maui Crafts Guild. It began with 7 members, and incorporated in 1983 with 30 members.

The Guild is Maui's only member owned and operated Fine Crafts Cooperative. Each and every day, one of the Guild members is working at the store. It had been located in the same location in Pa'ia since it began until the end of 2008, when it moved to a location just a few doors down at 69 Hana Highway. And 2013 brought us to our present location, 120 Hana Hwy.  Collectors from around the globe continue to return to the store to find exquisite handmade crafts from Maui artisans.


Our Story

The Guild is a collective of ceramists, woodworkers, print-makers, jewelers, textile artists, photographers, glass artists, basket weavers...and a few who defy classification. Work exhibited in the gallery is selected through a comprehensive jury process that ensures the highest quality and excellence in craftsmanship.

Each artist must be a current full-time resident of Maui, for at least 6 months, before being considered for membership. (Please visit our Contact page for more information.) The artisans transform everyday materials into creative results, allowing you to quite literally take a piece of Maui home with you!  

Staffed by Guild members, there is an artisan in residence every time you visit. Make sure to stop by and see us the next time you are in town! The gallery is open daily from 10 am-6 pm.