The appropriateness of work for the Guild is based on:
     a) non-duplication of existing work in the Guild (if the work is too close to work already in the                        store we will not consider it)
     b) the work's display requirements (if it's too big we can't use it)
     c) quality of work
                                                                                                                                                                   QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER:
1. Is the level of skill and workmanship of the artist acceptable?
2. Will the products work well in the store?
     (a) Are the products easy to display?
     (b) Will it be easy for the Cleaning Committee to clean around them?
     (c) Will it be easy for a customer or a store person to handle them during a sale?
3. Are the prices the artist has set for the products reasonable?
4. Is the price range of the products we are considering do-able? Can we sell them in our store?

     a) All applicants must be residents of Maui for at least six months before making application to the                Guild.
     b) Must be recent work of applicant (made within the last year)
     c) Materials should be transformed into a creative result
     d) Must not be from a kit or purchased pattern
     e) Must be essentially handmade
     f) Must be finished work
     g) It is required that all work must be produced on Maui.

CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING WORK:  for evaluating work:
     a) Craftsmanship
          1. The product fulfills its function. [Decoration is a function.]
          2. The product is neat and carefully executed, shows purposefulness.
          3. The product reflects fine, skilled workmanship.
     b) Materials
          1. Materials should be "transformed into a creative result."
          2. The product is made from materials well-suited to its function.
          3. The product is made from materials which complement its design.
     c) Design
          1. The design of each product reflects originality.
          2. The design exhibits balance.
          3. The artist uses texture and color effectively.
          4. The design is
               (a) faithful to original design if it is a reproduction of a traditional
                work or design, or
               (b) is the applicant's own original design.

The Guild recognizes that in the area of aesthetic standards for handcrafted arts,
there can be no absolute standards of right and wrong.