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Thank you for choosing MAUI CRAFTS GUILD to show and sell your original craft/art work created on Maui. If your work suits our current needs, we look forward to an ongoing, mutually successful business relationship with you.

On this day ________________, MAUI CRAFTS GUILD and _____________________ (consignee) do hereby enter into the following agreement:

1. The consignee appoints MAUI CRAFTS GUILD as agent for the craft/art work consigned under this agreement, for the purposes of sale. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD shall not permit the craft/art work to be used for any other purposes without the written consent of the consignee. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD reserves the right to reject any and all craft/art work even if the consignee has previously consigned with us.

2. Consignee hereby consigns to MAUI CRAFTS GUILD, and MAUI CRAFTS GUILD accepts on consignment, those three to five works listed on the attached inventory sheet. Additional Inventory Sheets may be incorporated into this agreement if both parties agree. Consignee shall sign off on all inventory sheets.  Consignee agrees to show this particular line of work exclusively at the MCG and at no other venues in Paia.

3. The Consignee and MAUI CRAFTS GUILD agree that the initial term of consignment for the craft/art work is to be 30 days from the date contract was signed__________________ and that the consignee will not ask for return of their craft/art work prior to this date unless the agreement is breached by MAUI CRAFTS GUILD.

After the initial 30 day minimum contract, the consignee has the right to demand all/some of their craft/art work back, if so desired.

MAUI CRAFTS GUILD reserves the right to request consignee to pick up unsold work at any time after the first 30 day period.

4. Packing, shipping, insurance, and other handling expenses from MAUI CRAFTS GUILD to the purchaser is the sole responsibility of the consignee. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD will notify consignee of such sales requiring shipping. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD will collect packing and shipping fees from purchaser on behalf of consignee. Consignee agrees to pick up sold work and ship to purchaser.

5. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD is not responsible for theft, damage, or other loss of consignee’s craft/art work. Consignee is responsible for any desired insurance coverage of craft/art work.

6. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD agrees to collect and pay Hawai’i state sales taxes.

7. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD shall sell craft/art work only at the retail price specified on the inventory sheet/s of this agreement. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD’s commission is to be 50%.

Payment to consignee for all sold craft/art work will be paid in the first week of the following month in the form a check for 50% of the agreed upon retail selling price. MAUI CRAFTS GUILD has a no-return policy for sold work.

The consignee is responsible for providing up to date correspondence and information.

An updated inventory sheet will accompany all payments dispersed by MAUI CRAFTS GUILD.

If contact is lost with consignee after 60 days or more, consignee’s inventory will become the property of MAUI CRAFTS GUILD.

8. Should interest in your work at the Guild generate an inquiry from the Guild on behalf of a client and result in an outside sale, we request a “gentlemen’s agreement” by which you agree to honor that referral and give Maui Crafts Guild 25% of any such sale.

9. An inventory sheet/s with retail prices must accompany all craft/art work presented in this consignment contract, which is available for sale at MAUI CRAFTS GUILD. The inventory sheet is the legal record of the craft/art work covered by this agreement.

10. Amendments to this agreement (including additional inventory sheets) must be signed by the consignee and MAUI CRAFTS GUILD and attached to this agreement. Both craft/art parties must initial any deletions made on this form and any additional provisions written into it.

Signatures ____________________________________
Consignee Printed name
____________________________________ Consignee Signature
___________________________ Consignee signed date
________________________________________ MAUI CRAFTS GUILD Representative Printed Name
________________________________________ MAUI CRAFTS GUILD Representative Signature
_________________________________________Maui Crafts Guild Representative signed date
Maui Crafts Guild tel. 808 579 9697

PAIA, HI 96779
TEL. 808 579 9697

tel: 808 248 4890
cell: 808 344 3885



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